Behind The Mask ~ DON'T PUSH THE RIVER

So what if a person calls himself

A Hindu, Christian, or Jew?

Does that make him less than human?

The fact that he might not yet

have understood what it means to be human—

always special, without trying to be so—

does not mean that one day he won’t.

Did you yourself always know

that names mean very little?

Were there not times when you

were proud to call yourself Christian,

or Buddhist, and think yourself

superior to others thereby?

Remember this, and be more tolerant

of those whose eyes are still closed to it;

it is individually, and not all together

that we wake up.

Having seen it yourself, you may try

to help others see,

but you cannot force them.

If they see, be happy,

but if not, don’t be sad;

the odds are against success.

Bhusawal, India. Jan. 1994.

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