When asked "Could you say the reason evolutionism is resisted so strongly is that our minds evolved to think in terms of personalities and entities rather than in terms of processes?" British scientist, Professor Richard Dawkins replied:

"Yes, it's the idea that somebody has got to be responsible. It's what children do ~ the petulant throwing of the tennis-racquet on the ground, blaming it for their bad shot. So is the reflex to sue somebody when you slip on the ice and sprain your ankle. Again, somebody has got to be blamed. It doesn't occur to many people that nobody is to blame, that it's just ice and it's slippery, and you fell down.

Clearly, our minds and bodies evolved at different rates, and in some ways, although our bodies recline in fine houses, our minds are still in caves. Physically, we may be mature, but mentally, in some ways, we are still children. We may be well-educated in certain areas, and sophisticated in some things, but in other ways we are quite ignorant and savage. There is no reason to be proud, but every reason to be humble.

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