Let Me See ~ JIG-SAW

Most religions claim exclusive possession of Spiritual Truth, some doing so covertly, while others openly and shamelessly, obviously unaware of the preposterous nature of their claims. Imagining that Truth can be possessed is rather like a person standing on a river-bank thinking he might catch the river in a fishing-net!

Truth flows. We cannot catch or possess it; nor can it be transmitted from one to another, but must be experienced by the individual, each for himself. At most, it can be intimated, hinted at, referred to obliquely by analogy. And, since no religion has the monopoly of Truth, there is no good reason why we should confine our inquiries to one specific religion, for by doing so, we narrow ourselves and become prisoners of our own prejudice. If there is Truth, it must be something omnipresent and in everything; as such, it is ordinary, and not ‘special’ or ‘holy’.

The Way is long and the search is hard; we need all the help we can get. If, as we fare along, we stumble upon a crumb of Truth, it would be foolish to disregard it merely because it might not be of our favorite color or labeled in our own language. A diamond is a diamond no matter where it is found.

Life is like a

jig-saw puzzle,

of which no-one has all the pieces.

Slowly, and from

many sources,

we manage to get

an idea

of the picture.

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