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Anyone who follows a religion naturally thinks his religion is the best, otherwise he wouldn’t follow it but would turn to another. But how many people have really investigated and understood their religion—instead of merely inheriting it from others—so that they are able to compare it with other religions, and can therefore say they have chosen their religion intelligently? Very, very few, it can be safely said. Most people have no basis for thinking and saying that their religion is the best; they just make unqualified statements and build castles in the clouds. Thus, it is not surprising that, even today, religion is largely a thing of dogma and superstition.

If religion is not to become an anachronism, it must be firmly based on fact, and, since it concerns our relationships with others, we must see beyond the differences between us and focus on the obvious similarities, things about which we cannot disagree. If we do not, or will not, then religious conflicts will always be with us—often about things no less stupid than the war described in the story of Gulliver’s Travels between those who opened boiled-eggs at the big end—the ‘Big-Endians’—and those who opened them at the small end—the ‘Little-Endians’!

All living

things are united

by the Lowest

Common Denominators of

Birth, Aging,

Sickness and Death.

Is there not,

therefore, a firm foundation for

cooperation and peace?

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