Let Me See ~ LEARN

We often hear people saying of some famous monk or spiritual leader: "Lama So-and-So / Guru This-and-That is my Teacher!" Ask them what they have learned from these teachers, however, and there is sometimes an embarrassed silence.

People flock from far and wide to see a monk who is reputed to have psychic powers—not in order to learn something from him, but just to see something extraordinary and be entertained. Thus, they are easily misled by the numerous cheats and charlatans masquerading as ‘Living Buddhas’ or ‘Enlightened Ones’.

A person might have someone enlightened as his teacher, but that is no guarantee that he will learn anything. In the Dharmapada, verses 64/65, we find the Buddha’s words about this: "Though a fool throughout his life associates with a wise man, he no more understands the Dharma than a spoon tastes the flavor of soup. Though an intelligent person associates with a wise man for only a moment, he quickly understands the Dharma, as the tongue tastes the flavor of soup".

The Buddha had no teacher to show Him the way to Enlightenment, but discovered it Himself. This is not to say that we should abandon teachers and depend solely upon ourselves, but that, instead of always waiting for a teacher to teach us everything, we should strive to learn for ourselves, and in this way, make ourselves ready to receive instructions and help.

It is


to learn

than to be


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