Let Me See ~ MAKE OF IT

Most religions claim to have the answers to the problems of life and to know its purpose, but often, their concepts differ and sometimes contradict and conflict with each other. What can we do about this?

Must we, like people through the ages have done, and as many people still do, polarize ourselves by adopting a partisan view? Why should we accept anything pertaining to our lives, when we have the freedom and opportunity to investigate things critically? Having come this far, why should we be content with half-measures? Let’s put the sacred cows out to pasture, and pull the skeletons out of the closets, to make room for cleaner and better things.

Life does not infuse our bodies for long; we should therefore use it while we can, and not waste it. Others might tell us their purpose in life, but can anyone tell us the purpose of life, so that we will understand it clearly and accept it immediately as self-evident and true? So far, no-one has succeeded in doing so. And why not? Well

Life in this world

is what we

make of it;

it has no meaning

other than what

we give it.


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