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"It’s too hot!", "It’s too cold!"; "I’m busy", "Not free". Our capacity for creating excuses is unlimited. We often put things off until tomorrow, instead of doing them while they are fresh in mind and when it would be easier to do them. The old proverb: "A stitch in time saves nine’, is still true; for those who might not understand its meaning, it means, literally, that a small tear in a garment might be easily mended when first noticed, but if postponed, it might get worse, until it requires much work to repair it.

Letter-writing is another example: Upon receiving a letter from a friend, many people put off replying until later, but other things come to mind, and the reply is forgotten. Later—often much later—it again comes to mind to answer the letter, but it entails apologizing and making excuses, which are often untrue and insincere. If, however, we cultivated a habit—and it is a habit, just like leaving things ‘until later’ is a habit—of replying promptly to letters, we would find it much easier than we think it is, and it need not require much time, either.

Many of us complain about how hectic life is, and of how little time they have. Again, it is a matter of knowing how to budget and manage one’s time. Instead of allowing others to dictate to us how to live our lives, should we not decide for ourselves what, within reason, we want to do? It is not, as many people say, that "Time is Money". Time is more important than money. Time is Life!

"Those who want

to do something

find a means;

those who don’t want to do anything

find an excuse".

Arabic proverb


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