Let Me See ~ NEW LAND

It is a mistake to say, as some of us do at times: "My life is so boring; nothing interesting ever happens to me!" It probably means that we are functioning like robots, on automatic pilot, or going around with our eyes closed. Our lives are full to the brim with miracles! How can we say that life is boring?

One of the major causes of boredom is that we have been over-stimulated by television and movies for so long that our senses have almost been burned-out thereby, and it takes an ever-stronger dose to interest us. The world-wide phenomenon of drug-use is just another form of this. And so we become spaced-out in fantasyland, and sometimes unable to relate to the ‘real’ world.

If we wake up with the idea that the day ahead is going to be ‘just another day’, our minds will be already programmed, leaving no room for the unexpected; it is the wrong way to begin the day.

It is not as we think, that life is boring, but that we are bored. Life is always new, and never repeats itself. Just get your feet on the ground, become aware of yourself as the living miracle you are, and of the wonderful world you live in, and your boredom will soon disappear.

Today is like

a new land

where no-one’s

been before,

full of things

to learn about,

enjoy, discover,


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