Often, when we ask a question, we already have an answer in mind, partly formed, at least. And so, if the answer from outside does not concur with our preconceptions, we are reluctant to accept it; the mind is very good at rationalization, at finding reasons to dismiss something as ‘incorrect’, ‘unsuitable’, or as ‘not feeling right’. This is not to say, of course, that answers from others are always better than our own; to suppose that would mean being prejudiced in the other direction, would it not?

Many of us ask questions just for the sake of it, without real interest or desire to learn, and pay no attention to the answers. Needless to say, this is a waste of time.

If we would spend more time quietly thinking things over instead of just scratching the surface, more time in trying to formulate and express our questions clearly instead of just blurting them out, we would learn much more. The answers are not always outside of ourselves.

If you know

how to ask

your question,

you will find

the answer


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