Let Me See ~ RADIO

There are times when all of us feel sad, bored, lost, lonely or depressed. What happens then? Well, think back awhile: they passed, didn’t they? They passed, because the basic Law of Life is Change; nothing lasts, but changes into something else, and, while it must be admitted that things sometimes change for the worse, at other times, they get better; but nothing remains the same—just like the patterns in a kaleidoscope.

Now, this is very simple but very effective philosophy to keep in mind. When you next feel sad, bored, depressed, lonely, etc., tell yourself: "It will pass", and sure enough, it does, though not always as fast as we would like, of course. Often, it passes so softly and subtly that we don’t realize, until later, that it’s gone, because it has changed into something pleasant. When this happens, however, we must tell ourselves the same thing: "It will pass", so that we are not too disappointed when it does.

But, if you don’t want to wait for things to change at their own pace, do something about it, instead of being sad about being sad.

The Mind is

like a radio,

with many stations;

if you do not like

to listen to one

station, change to


it is within your


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