There is always more than one way of looking at anything, and only our habitual, fixed points-of-view prevent us from seeing them; narrowness of outlook easily leads to prejudice.

If, while doing something for the community, or helping others in some way, we consider it a sacrifice of our time, labor or money, it indicates that we are doing it with more resentment than with joy.

What do we have and can we give that we have not first received? This deserves some thought. Life should not be lived as a personal business-investment, but as a means of improving the society we all belong to, and which we call the World, for we can understand ourselves only as part of something much bigger than ourselves. Thus, whatever kind of work we perform, it can be seen as a way of serving others, and not merely as a way of earning a living. We benefit in countless ways from the labors of others, regardless of the fact that we pay for their products and services, do we not? What, then, can we contribute and put back?

"There is no

such thing as


there is only


to serve."

Talbot Mundy: OM.

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