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There are, as it were, two centers in our being: the Brain, which is the seat of the intellect, thought, or reason, and the Heart, where feeling or emotion come from; this is a way of explaining the difference in nature between Thought and Emotion, Wisdom and Compassion.

Now, a person might be highly intellectual and wise, but without Love and Compassion, he could be cold and uncaring. As St. Paul, in 1 Corinthians 13:1, said: "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a sounding-piece of brass or a clashing cymbal". Conversely, a good and kind person, lacking wisdom to guide his goodness and kindness, might be foolish and do a lot of harm, even if unintentionally.

So, Intellect and Feeling, Wisdom and Compassion, must go together, in mutual support of each other. And although today, in many people’s eyes, Science has superceded and discredited Religion, it is not so; it has challenged Religion, to be sure, and has demonstrably proved some of its fondly held dogmas incorrect and obsolete, but this has been good for Religion in helping it understand the need for a serious stock-taking; it hasn’t invalidated it.

Science, on the other hand, could benefit by applying the spirit of Religion in various fields, for example: vivisection, its activities affecting the environment, and by refusing to invent, develop and produce things detrimental to human life.

And, now that our eyes have been opened, we can, and must, strive to amalgamate Science with Religion—as they are not really the opposing magnetic poles that people once took them to be—to produce a Religious Science, or a Scientific Religion. If we do not, then these two great fields of human endeavor must remain antagonists.


without Religion

is crippled;


without Science

is blind."

Albert Einstein.

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