Throughout history, the idea that "Might is Right" has prevailed, and still largely does. During the hey-day of the British Empire, the term ‘Gun-boat diplomacy’ was coined, from the method of sending in the Navy to bring about the desired results.

The United Nations has tried to prevent aggression by stronger countries towards weaker, but has had limited success. A full report of what happened in Panama when the Americans invaded that country some years ago has yet to be released, but there is strong evidence that they were not the ‘Knights in shining armor’—the liberators—that they would have us believe, and the U.S. political system seems in great need of a strong dose of reform; far has it strayed from the noble Declaration of Independence of 1776!

The human-race has known so little peace, so beset has it been with war and strife. Presently, there are almost 40 wars, of varying intensity, raging in different parts of the world. Why are human-beings so stupid? Why do we learn so slowly?

To become a soldier, trained to kill, requires little intelligence or education, compared with that required for becoming a doctor, who must be gentle and caring, but at the same time firm and strong. To destroy is easy—any fool can do that; but to create, heal, preserve and save requires intelligence and effort, does it not?

He who

saves life

is stronger

than the one

who kills.

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