Let Me See ~ TEST

Retirement from work is something that many people look forward to, while others do not; in any case, it is a milestone, though maybe more of a psychological one than anything else. Upon retirement, some people feel their useful life is over, and they must let themselves sink into decline, like the setting sun, and eventually die.

The admonition of the Ancients: "Know Thyself", is advice we could all apply to our advantage. Why should we depend so much upon others for an evaluation of ourselves, and allow them to put price-tags on us, instead of knowing and appreciating ourselves? We do not know our full potential, and probably never will. There are always new heights to be scaled, new things to be accomplished— and not just on the physical plane, either. The World today is in greater need of spiritual attainment than of further material and technological progress. We cannot stop our bodies from getting older, but we shouldn’t let our minds grow old.

Retire from work, alright; die, because everything must; retire from life, never!

"Here is a test to

find out whether

your mission

on Earth

is finished:

If you’re alive—

it isn’t!"

Richard Bach: Illusions, or

The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

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