Let Me See ~ THE END

We live in a world of appearances, and take it for real. In one way, of course, it is real, as real as we are, but ultimately, because it is impermanent, and changes constantly, it has no lasting reality. Indian philosophy calls this MAYA—Illusion. Things shimmer time like a mirage for a moment in time, then are gone.

Science has shown that what we perceive as ‘solid matter’ is not really solid at all, but just patterns of energy, vibrating at different rates, like sound-waves or light-waves. When we see something, what happens is that light waves impinge upon the retina, and are transmitted via the optic-nerve to the brain, where they are interpreted as colors; this process enables us to distinguish forms, which otherwise we could not do. If we were ever even aware of it, we have long ago forgotten the process of learning to interpret, being unable to reason at that time. Do you remember what went on in your brain as you lay in your crib, making baby-sounds and trying to focus your sight on brightly-colored objects suspended above you by your mother? Probably not, but it was an essential part of your development, nevertheless. Somehow, you also learned about perspective: how people and things at a distance were not as tiny as they seemed, though nobody told you so. This also required interpretation, by which we function continuously and automatically.

Everything is in process, becoming other than it is; things break down, change and are transformed. Where does anything begin and end?

The end of

something is

always the

beginning of

something else,

though, in reality,

there is no

beginning or end

of anything.

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