Let Me See ~ TRUTH

We talk about searching for Truth, Peace or Freedom, not realizing the contradiction in our words. We cannot find such things, for they are beyond us—beyond the ego, that is. Krishnamurti once said: " … to talk of so-and-so ‘obtaining liberation’ is a misuse of terms. That which is liberated is always life, not the individual. Indeed, it is at the expense of the individual that such liberation is achieved".

Have you ever seen a fly caught in a spider’s web? The more it struggles to become free, the more it becomes entangled. And so it is with us in our efforts to find Freedom. It is not that there is no Freedom, but that our efforts—self-efforts—to find it can never succeed; it is like trying to catch an elephant in a butterfly-net; our approach is wrong.

Many people enter a spiritual path as upon a competition with others, trying to be better, playing the ‘holier-than-thou’ game; ashrams and monasteries are full of them. And when they finally give up in despair, they often find themselves worse-off than before they began. There are risks involved, dangers to beware of.

Who could say it better than this?:

"Ye shall know

the Truth,

and the Truth

shall make you


Jesus of Nazareth.

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