Let Me See ~ GODS & GHOSTS

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Isis, Ra, Osiris, Wotan, Thor, and Freya are just some of the gods of the ancient world; people used to worship and pray to them then as people worship and pray to their gods today. Were they any less real? What happened to them? Did they die off and cease to exist with their worshippers? Were they pensioned-off to other planets? Or were they, perhaps, mental creations of their worshippers, fulfilling a psychological need? If so, then they had no objective existence at all.

One religion claims that God said: "Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness" (Genesis 1:26, of the Bible); but maybe it was the other way around: that man has created God in his image. This is known as anthropomorphism, that is, ‘with human form’. People endowed the supernatural—or what they thought of as such, because they didn’t understand the forces or laws of Nature—with human attributes, such as form, and emotions such as love, hate, anger, jealousy, favoritism, etc., and then proceeded to worship it. They attempted to put a limit on the Limitless, but only succeeded in limiting themselves thereby. So now they are stuck with a human-like God of their own making, necessitating further fantastic mental gymnastics in order to make facts fit the concept.

How wonderful—

even with our

advanced technology,

we cannot create

such a thing as an ant

or a blade of grass,

but gods and ghosts

we mass-produce!

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