Our strength, as human beings, lies not so much in our stupendous achievements, but in the acknowledgment and understanding of our weaknesses and mistakes, and our refusal to be reconciled with them, for this is where our strength comes from.

If asked to tell our life-story without mentioning anyone else, we could say almost nothing, for our lives are made up—like a tapestry—of innumerable threads that are 'not-us'; they are not simply 'ours', but in fact, mostly 'not-ours'. Anyone—and anything—we meet, who crosses our path or impinges upon us in any way, becomes part of our experience, or what we think of as 'our life'. In reality, there is no such thing as 'my life', but an extremely rich and varied composition of so many things. See how it happens: just by reading these words, I am becoming part of your life and, in an equally subtle way, you are becoming part of mine. There is very little about us that is really ‘I’.

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