Faced with problems of earning a living, supporting a family, making ends meet, etc., we might sometimes think: “Oh, how nice to be a bird, free to fly wherever you want.” But Bob Dylan poetically looked at this from both sides when he sang:

“Oh, my friends from the prison they ask unto me:
‘How good, how good does it feel to be free?’
And I answer them most mysteriously:
‘Are birds free from the chains of the skyway?’”

Is not life for the birds—as for all forms of life—a struggle for survival? If you could be a bird for a week—or even a day— undergoing all the hazards birds undergo—the constant search for food, the inclemency of the weather and the need to watch out for and avoid enemies—you would probably soon be glad to change back to being human again. If you expect life to be easy you will often be disappointed; but expect it to be difficult and you will sometimes be pleasantly surprised.



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