Sheila's gratitude to ...

The following are the donations Sheila,Thay Abhinyana's sister, received from people.

She is grateful for your generosity and kindness. However, if further donations are made, it would be in the best interest of Thay Abhinyana to be directly given to the Fred Hollows Foundation http://www.hollows.org/. Thay believed Fred Hollows was a great role model for the enormity of the heart and his work should be continued. You can mention Michael George Houghton when you donate because an account has already been set up for Thay. If you would like to donate money to book printing, please contact Dharmavira by emailing him.

Name/Event Date Amount
Money collected from the funeral service ($1200 to Fred Hollows Foundation; $1000 to cancer research; $805 to Royal Adelaide Hospital) 20/04/2008 AUD $3005
Van Nguyen (Fruit Bat) paid for the whole funeral service 20/04/2008 AUD $5429.60
Van Nguyen 20/04/2008 AUD $500
Van Nguyen's brother 20/04/2008 AUD $100
Canh Phan (to Fred Hollows Foundation) 20/04/2008 AUD $300
Teresa Tong (to Fred Hollows Foundation) 26/04/2008 AUD $35
2 people from US (USD $1000 to Cittamani) 07/05/2008 USD $1000
People from US 28/05/2008 USD $5000


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